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French Grammar Exercises To Get You One Step Closer To Fluency

When you begin learning French it may seem that you are learning French grammar is the most tedious and difficult aspect of the learning process. The majority of French teachers begin with teaching you grammar rules. This is probably the reason you didn't like taking on French grammar exercises in school. We don't blame you. We feel the exact same way.

While it's not the primary thing you need to master, knowing the French grammar is important and sooner or later you'll need to master it. The trick is to take courses designed to teach you grammar without the need to memorize endless rules. How? By absorbing the basic French grammar rules while listening to natives in actual conversations. This is how kids learn. When they reach the age of five, kids are already fluent in their native language. What is the reason for this? At that age the children don't know what a verb means.

This is because they hear their parents speaking. That's the best approach for you too. This is exactly how we at Mondly learn the French verb conjugation and the millions of users around the world love our app that is innovative. Listening to native speakers will help you master advanced French grammar rules that you can use in real-life conversations even if they've not taught you the rules.

french verbs can be fun

Have you ever thought you could enjoy studying grammar? It's true that learning French grammar doesn't need to be either boring or hard. Our top linguists have created enjoyable and simple French grammar exercises that help make the process of learning French enjoyable.

In the app, you'll discover three different sections that focus on learning the French verb conjugation. Each section is comprised of 7 to 8 grammar classes that last about 5 minutes. Every lesson introduces French grammar exercises where you read, listen to natives, write and speak. Our exercises are rooted in science and designed to keep you engaged and make learning French enjoyable and effortless.

French grammar exercises to be used in real-life scenarios

We believe that verb conjugation French will prepare you for conversations in real life. It was common to be required to know conjugations, pronouns, and verbs in the classroom. This can be very difficult to learn and even after a few years it is possible that you will not be able to have an actual conversation. Many people around the globe are experiencing this exact scenario.

Our experts in language have designed an environment to learn languages in which you can learn French grammar without effort by making sentences that are grounded in real-world situations. Restaurants can be a great place to eat. Chat with a native person about your day. Find ways to talk about the books you've read. The grammar tests are designed to help you learn by focusing on particular themes.

Do you want to learn about certain conjugations?

With our online conjugation tables, you can select verbs in any exercise and be able see their conjugations. Now you can be able to see the present, future and the past tense. And, depending upon your french grammar stage you can decide to study French grammar for beginners, intermediate grammar or go on to the advanced French grammar classes.

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